How to combine multiple columns and get unique values

How to combine multiple columns and get unique values in Google sheets
Hello Guys,

We are going to see, how to combine two columns and get unique values.

Here we have two columns with odd and even numbers to get unique values from both of these columns I will insert the formula in A1. In A1 type = unique then open bracket and then curly bracket and then select the first column and then add a semicolon, and then select the second column then curly bracket and then close bracket and press enter you can see we have got our unique value but these values sorted as column A and then Column B.

If you want to sort these values in alphabetic or numeric order we need to add another formula.

Which is sort, double click on A1 and add Sort after = and before unique.

Now you can see all the unique values of the two columns.

If you want to know how to sort minimum to maximum or vice versa let me know.

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  1. Aniket Bankar
    August 2, 2020

    Nice blog sir…

    1. Yogesh
      August 9, 2020

      Thanks Aniket


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