8 Reasons Why Everyone Must Use Google Sheets Templates

Often we need to create reports, charts, and dashboards for clients or seniors on short notice. Creating these reports requires time, effort, and expertise. With a quick Google search, we can get a ready-to-launch Google Sheet template.

But what is a template?
A template is an offline or online document that serves as a starting point for a new document. It is pre-formatted with formulas and functions to meet specific requirements. It is outlined in a way to fulfill most requirements of template seekers.

For example,
A Google Sheet Gantt Chart Template for project management would be filled with dummy company information which we can replace with our own company name. We can make changes in tasks and deadlines according to our project.

In the following example, we can replace the top left “Gantt Chart Template” with our company name.

Excel or Google sheet templates help in reporting, dashboarding, project planning, and management. It also minimizes the time and efforts we need to create new sheets from the scratch. Not only that, It ensures timely delivery to clients and seniors.

If we compare MS Excel and Google Sheets, Google Spreadsheet outranks Excel. There are many advanced Google formulas like Google Finance through which we can manage cryptocurrency portfolios within Google Sheets. Google advanced and futuristic formulas increasing popularity amongst business owners and it is becoming mainstream business management and automation tool for entrepreneurs.

Other than Google spreadsheet there are other templates like Word Document, Evernote, Blogger, Social Media Posts, PSD Templates, etc.

Many businesses like Envato and Canva provide premium templates. These providers also provide designing, collaborating, and publishing facilities. There are many reasons why businesses prefer templates over getting started with a black document.

In this post we are going to see, what are advantages of spreadsheet templates?

1 Templates Save Money and Time

Templates simplify document creation and improve efficiency. We can save a lot of time by using ready-made templates.
Templates are easy to get started and hassle-free, it also reduces our rework time. We can save our valuable time that can be delegated for other important tasks.

Once we spend a few minutes on how the template works, we can customize it. We don’t have to spend time formatting our documents because most of the templates come with proper themes and color schemes.

2 Easy to customize

Templates are easy to use and customize, with some tweaks they are good to go. We can alter and amend any template according to our requirements. Editing templates is less laborious which makes templates an instant solution for tedious Excel jobs.

  • Branding
    Templates provide flexible customization, along with our customer company information, we can insert our company logos and name to establish the brand of our company. With company information, we can ensure we are branding our company as well as creating reports and invoices only for our customers.
  • Collaboration & Organization
    We can collaborate with our colleagues and other departments to work on various aspects. For example, the design department or designer can work on designing elements to make sheet templates visually appealing, while others can focus on functionality and other areas.
    Online templates can be organized on Google Drive or Shared drive so anyone can find and access them whenever they need to create new documents. If any changes occur the organization stays up-to-date with the latest document changes.

3 Guidance & Technical Support

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Many template providers provide step-by-step video tutorials, walkthrough videos, and documentation to make their templates easy to customize. Proper guidelines and do’s and don’t are given to avoid misconfiguration.

If we get any problem while customizing templates we can get real-time online support.

4 Availability & Reviews

Instant Availability
Templates are available, a quick Google search can land us our perfect Google spreadsheet template. Other than search engines, we can use template market places to find awesome free and premium MS Excel templates.

Template rating and review give assurance about template quality as well as usability. Good reviews means, the template is functional and serves its purpose.

5 Quality Assurance

Templates are created by professionals who know the ins and outs of the industry. Many templates are tested and approved for functionality that’s why providers have authority in various template segments. These factors increase templates’ trustworthiness and ensure a high level of quality.

6 Provides Consistency and Uniformity

Consistency and uniformity can be achieved by designing templates that also denote standardization & professionalism. Inconsistently formatted documents look unprofessional.

Google Worksheets which have a predetermined structure, layout, formulas, and functions ensures consistency, uniformity, and clarity.

7 Fewer Errors and More Accuracy

With conditional formatting, “If conditions” and data validation we can enforce consistency. It also prevents invalid data inputs and helps keep errors to a least.

When specific information is mandatory, it is difficult to omit or skip those inputs. As a result, we get high accuracy documents with the least errors.

With if conditions and data validation we can create triggers that enforce to follow a course of action and maintain the workflow which is essential for the system.

8 Automation & Upgrades

Microsoft templates are set with advanced VBAs and Micros which makes laborious tasks easy, with a click we can do time-consuming tasks within a few minutes. Worksheets’ formulas are dynamic which are adjusted if we make any changes, which ensures templates are always functional.

With new Microsoft Excel Versions and Google Sheets Upgrades, new features simplify many tasks. Online template providers update their templates to make them simpler, safer, and user-friendly.


There are countless advantages and benefits of templates. Some of these are quality assurance, consistency, uniformity, and business automation.

Templates increase flexibility, productivity, customer satisfaction, and quality. It is always advised to use templates to save time and focus on key areas of your business.

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