Google Sheets Vs Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel both provide almost the same features but both outrank in few areas and lacks in some areas, it also depends on our requirements and what features we must have to get things done. 

In this article, I am going to cover 16 reasons why Google Sheets are better than MS Excel.

I’ve been using sheets from 5-6 years not only that but I’ve been managing my projects in Google sheets only. We’ve tried many project management software like NiftyPM, Basecamp, TeamGantt, and many more such tools to manage our projects.

We’ve been trying to migrate from sheets to project managers but we realized PMs also have a huge learning curve and quite expensive. We also realized managing projects in Google Sheets or MS Excel is quite easy if we know data processing and formulas.

I think MS Excel is an excellent software but lacks some functions which give an edge to Google Sheets. Let’s see why it is better than Microsoft Office – Excel.

1 – Google sheets are FREE!

Google sheets are free. If you have a Gmail account you already have Google Docs along with Sheets. On the other hand, Microsoft Office is a paid program. You can use but with limited features.

2 – Access your files anywhere and anytime.

You can access your files on the cloud, which means you can access, share, edit your sheets on desktop, laptop, and mobile and you can collaborate with your colleagues and friends.

You can also make your sheets public so you anyone can view or edit them with or without login.

3 – Security and Backup

Your documents and files are secure with Google, not only that you are creating an online backup of your data which ensures your sheets are secure.

It stores multiple versions of your sheets so you can restore sheets to any previous version whenever you want. You can reinstate your sheets just like Window’s system restore.

Just like Excel, you can protect your sheets but on Google sheets, you can give view-only access to users who don’t need to edit data they just need to view data.

You can protect particular ranges so no one can edit the information.

4 – Offline edits

You can edit your documents offline, it’s one of the features I like a lot. When we get online our sheets syncs and we have up-to-date data.

It auto-saves your data when you are online. You don’t need to click save every time you make any change, if you face power cut your Google sheet saves your changes immediately. 

5 – Formulas and Features

Google sheets have few formulas like filter, unique, sortn, importdata, and importrange which are available on Google Sheets only. These formulas are not available on Microsoft excel. 

Googlefinance and Googletranslate are two formulas which uses Google’ API to get data from Google services.

Here is an example of Google Translate,

6 – Sync Your Google Sheets and Data

This is a game-changer, what makes Google sheets way better than Excel is its ability to sync multiple sheets. You don’t need to copy-paste your data from a sheet to another and then use an index match to match the data.

By using import data and import range formula you can import your data and fetch data from multiple sheets.

7 – Filter Views

Sometimes many users work on the same sheet they need to apply filters and need different data but they can’t do it, this is where Filter views come in. With Filter view you can create your filter views, it works like your private filtered data, you can name your filters so everyone knows who is working on a particular filter or data.

8 – Redo and undo on multiple monitors and windows

You can work on two windows/monitors and Google store versions according to windows/monitors you are working on. So if you make edits on Window/Monitor 1 and you can undo/redo it on window/monitor 1 it won’t affect your data on window/monitor 2.

You can redo/undo your edits based on monitors/windows. Google sheets save a chain of edits based on monitors/windows though you are using the same user (Gmail ID).

9 – Collaborate

We can collaborate with multiple people, it won’t affect each other’s work as Google creates users’ chains on edits. It also keeps records of cell edits by simply clicking show edit history you get to know what changes are made.

As mentioned earlier Filter views or temporary filter views provide freedom of data sorting, filtering, and editing on the same sheets without disturbing the data for others.

You can make your sheets public so anyone can see or edit information.

10 – Add ons 

There are hundreds of add-on that you can use to integrate various services such as Google analytics. Add-Ons like Supermetrics help you get your Facebook ads and Google ads data in sheets.

With help of these add-on, you can complete automate your workflow with services like Zapier and IFTTT.

11 – Make copies of existing sheets to any google drive’s sheet

You can simply move/copy one sheet to another, you just need to click on copy to an existing spreadsheet. You don’t need to copy/paste the data.

12 – Insert Google Docs in Google Sheets and vice versa

Another interesting and useful feature is the ability to insert your Google Docs’ files, presentation files, and drawing in google sheets.  You just need to know the right way to insert your google docs in google sheets which is quite simple.

You can also insert your docs files in emails.

13 – Google Apps Script

If you are familiar with Java scripts you can create your scripts. You can get various things done through Google app scripts. You can automate various tasks and get the most out of sheets.

14 – Inbuilt chat feature 

It has an inbuilt chat feature that you can use for communication. You can update your project status, new changes, and notify team about different things. It will keep every on the same page and you can easily convey your message with your team or colleagues.

15 – Comments, Notes, and Mention 

If you have an opinion about any cell (Sheets) or paragraph (Docs), you can comment or make a note in a particular cell or paragraph. You can mention the person with @ so they get notified about the changes or information you want to convey about a particular cell or paragraph.

16 –  Google Forms

You can create Google Forms and input form responses in an existing sheet or new sheet. You can create surveys and polls and with the help of Google Form, you can simply visualize the data through sheets’ charts feature. This is a great way of collaborating with people and getting information from people.

I’ve talked about advantages of Google sheets but now let’s talk about disadvantages,

Google sheets/docs are free up 15 GB, if you have large files/data you need to upgrade to G Suite.

Latency – Your sheets start lagging when you use dynamic formulas and sheets become more populated and complex.


Google sheets are perfect for small scale and medium scale businesses because they need to work with fewer data. It’s a free and easy solution to manage data and projects online but if you need to work on large data and you don’t need to collaborate then I would highly recommend Microsoft Excel it’s faster and functions like pivot tables which require data processing are faster on MS Excel.

Is there any Google Sheets feature I’ve missed or you would like to know more about? Let me know in the comment section.

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